Royal Fantasy:
I lost my heart to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, when I first met them and to first place in my heart they have (and will) stayed. Love, interest and devotion to this breed lead me to establishing my own kennel as expected. I had my kennelname confirmed at 2003 y. - ROYAL FANTASY. At the moment we have 5 cavaliers in our kennel - two grown-up bitches (Est & Lv & Lt & Balt CH Helandros Fantasy Fiona - Fanny ja Est & Lv & Lt & Balt & Rus CH Summersweet DramaQueen . Drama) and two juniors we kept from our first litter (Est & Lt & Rus Jun CH Royal Fantasy the Queen of Iceberg - Chilly ja Est & Lv & Lt & Balt & Rus Jun CH Royal Fantasy the King of Riverdance - Dandy). From this July (2004) we have two newcomers from Finland in our kennel - beautiful small tricolour cavalier-girl Nessy (Cisosan Ionessa) and CLUMBERSPANIEL's Puppy (Spicy - Spice Twice Bohemia Baje). They have also started with shows already in the end of summer. We have always somebody to show at our kennel - so You can meet us at almost every show in Estonia, sometimes even father.

I would like to give my contribution to make health-inguirys for obligation at least for these dogs, who will used for breeding in Estonia. Also I think, that people don't know, how capable for work and learning this absolutly fantastic family-dog is! For my opinion, this over the world loved dogbreed is worth much more popularity, as it has in Estonia at the moment. So, I think - we could do very much to introduce to people this wonderful breed - cavaliers! Even if I have breeded cavaliers quite a short time, I have had a lot of help from cavalier-breeders as in Estonia, so at the other countries - I hope very much to continue this collaboration in future! As I have had help from the other breeders, I am gladly willing to help any person and answer his questions about cavaliers, if I only can. Ask me!


I am a board member of Estonian Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Society, member of Estonian Spaniels Society, Tartu's Spanjelclub, LEKK, Finnish Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Club and Estonian Kennel Union.

Urve Tipp
Breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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